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Ready Joot

Hark ! Who goes there ?
Me: Just me and myself
Doubting alter ego: Blog eh ?
Me: Yup
DAE: Allthat has to be said has been said. So what do you have to say ?
Me: All that has to be lived has been lived. Yet we live, don't we ?

DAE: Don't try your invalid analogies on me.... One can live without saying
Me: Can one ?
We all make ugly scrawls right besides the Van Goghs of the world. Sometimes we scawl on the Van Goghs of the world.If you convince enough that it is the scrawling that matters and not the scrawl itself, then some beholder's eye may see a Jackson Pollock in you !

If one is worth the ink one writes on, one writes with all he has, risking judgement at every step - AK Ramanujan

DAE: Do you really trust your feeble powers of narrative with the task of representing you.
Me: Representing to whom. I write for one reason: not being able to not write.
(catcalls of "yeah right !")
One gruff voice in the audience: dei dei dei....nee yaarunnu enakku theriyin....naan yaarunnu un…