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Charlie Kaufman (voice-over):The only thing I'm actually qualified to write about is myself and my own self - Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation)

In his essay sixty three words, Milan Kundera speaks about the process of "dizzying reduction that reduces lives to our social functions". He argues that the novel's raison d'etre is to exist resisting this reduction and champion the spirit of complexity saying things aren't simple.

But with the quote above I have attempted to do exactly that kind of reduction and with limited success. Times demand you reduce and not do justice to your reading experience. Quite possible when you it is impressive stuff but not quite possible when it is flooring. You throw the pencil away because every line is underlinable and the experience of reading is just that. No occasion to be quote happy or express well enough why it is magical. That's how I feel about Adaptation.

Revisited and floored again. If you want to write well, you should p…

Affect us, we ask

Farmer suicides, state sponsored genocides, cross-border terrorism, corporate frauds and such yawn. Then they get all high and moral about why we don't exercise franchise. As if there is a new opinion out there to side with. All barks soaked in the same puddle.

But try touching our mp3s and we will smite thee with political philosophy and unified action.

“We young people have a whole platform on the internet, where we have all our social contacts - it is there that we live,” said Malin Littorin-Ferm of the party’s Ung Pirat youth league to the crowd in Stockholm. “The state is trying to control the internet and, by extension, our private lives.”

Must check if these guys are contesting in Central Chennai. We have no 4% limit , ours is an organized free-for all.


A caterpillar
this deep in autumn
still not a butterfly

-Matsuo Basho

All I can do

Modern Stupidity means not ignorance but the nonthought of received ideas - Milan Kundera


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo

So, next time something doesn't make sense here, dear reader, you have only yourself to blame.

What's Hecuba to Me ?

I am all for incest and tortured souls in moderation, but a good laugh from time to time never hurt anybody - PG Wodehouse

It is for things like that that the man is arguably one of the most loved in the history of the world. People - like this author- wear his badge and profess their admiration. After a critical mass it also becomes one of those signs of 'culture'

SathyaRaj: pEr ennanga
GoundaMaNi: mArimuthu Gounder 'nga....
SR: ........
GM: siva gOthram , kiruthikai natchathram... archanaiyai aarambikkalaamE

I watched this last night before shutting down and retiring with a hearty laugh. But it got me thinking. Apparently this is how it should be. Humorists are supposed to make you think and thus justify their existence in this weighty world. But this one was not that kind of thinking. It was about the man who made me laugh.

This man will be lost in history. He suffers from multiple handicaps..

Film heros, writers, musicians, sportspersons and poets will all find peo…