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Illi Nodu 2

I am presently at the age where the loco parentis is gradually reversing. That the pace of reversal can be accelerated has been continually impressed upon me. Based on varying emotional situations I have been likened to Shravana and to Emperor Nero - who played the lute and left for the office when the household was stalled because of a plumbing failure. When the latter situations seem to pile up in memory, in a bid to achieve domestic emotional balance - and at the same time quench our thirst for drinking in all of the world's variety- my parents and I go on vacations.

I am usually given a carte blanche in the planning except for one killer clause: any place as long as good filter coffee is available. That leads me to an inevitable digression.
When people like something which I don't, I find it difficult to just walk away. I have to say something. Sometimes I am blunt ("I don't watch start watching sports other than cricket then one thing leads to anot…

Illi Nodu 1

"My boy" said the editor biting into his cigar and letting a puff of smoke envelope his person. He rocked a bit on his reclining chair and toyed with his suspendor straps and continued "we need something new here"

" First things first" I said in way of an ahem, "your 'my boy'ness is misplaced. You see, you aren't exactly the blow-hot blow-cold, talent managing rag runner. You are like a publishing consultant guy who will give me inputs. That is all"

"Grhmmph" he replied to my curtness, as his smog thickened.
"And could your dress be any more clichéd ? Next you'll want me describing your whiskers and liquor cabinet, so we are switching to dialogue mode rightaway",I sai..

Editor: Grhmmph..
Me: Well ?
Ed: There is so much about you that the literary public should know
Me: Maybe, but this is a family blog, not a tabloid
Ed: No no.., what I mean is you could say write a travelogue
Me: Pah..I can't even bring myself to r…


DAE: So, it's been a while, how are things... Me: Writer's blog I guess DAE: Very funny. You know that's not what I meant (crooked grin)
Me: Oh ok....well nothing much actually. We are mamihlapinatapai'ing DAE: Oh I see Me: No you don't.We do.Tee hee DAE: Ugggh ! Grow up will you